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try “buzzbox” cocktails for a tasty cocktail made with premium spirits!

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This article is about another change (or advancement) in crafted cocktails available in individual packages. While I have tried most of the canned cocktail brands, some of the brands deliver a medium-quality cocktail. Some brands lack the ability to make a decent cocktail. It gets a bit disappointing when you buy a couple of cans and find out that you don’t like the cocktail. The experience of canned or “portable” cocktails should be an experience where you are pleasantly surprised at the flavor profile and ultimately makes you willing to buy more cocktails of that brand.

Recently I was introduced to a different presentation of a “cocktail to go”. “buzzbox” (yes, the brand’s name is in lower case), has surprised me with a cocktail product that is not only portable but has a “sustainable” packaging. What’s more important is the quality of the cocktail … and how fabulous it is. (And my use of the term “fabulous” is not hyperbolic! It’s the truth.)

This article features my review of buzzbox cocktails and the other part is the background information provided by buzzbox!

try “buzzbox” cocktails for a tasty cocktail made with premium spirits!
NOVEMBER 29, 2021

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