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product faq

How can I get a bar quality cocktail without the fuss? We've got the answer, and the answer to many more of life's questions below. Read on.

how strong are our cocktails?

Our line of cocktails are between 12% and 14% ABV.

are buzzbox boxes more eco-friendly than aluminum cans?

Yes, buzzbox creates 253% less global warming impact than glass bottles, and 333% less than aluminum cans (based on kg CO2 per 1000 packs).

can you re-chill buzzbox?

Yes, buzzbox cocktails can be chilled, stored at room temperature, and re-chilled for use over and over.

do I need to store buzzbox in the refrigerator?

No, our aseptic packaging keeps our buzzbox cocktails fresh for months.

can I recycle the box?

Yes, buzzbox is eco-friendly and recyclable.

how many cocktail options does buzzbox have?

We have 10 amazing cocktails, and we’re busy working on more.

does buzzbox contain preservatives?

No, buzzbox premium cocktails are 100% natural, and contain no preservatives or chemicals.

does buzzbox contain caffeine?

No, none of our cocktails contain caffeine.

what is the buzzbox shelf life?

buzzbox cocktails have an 18+ month, non-refrigerated shelf life.


Still looking for more? Find out where you can buy buzzbox near you, or contact us directly below.

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