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the world’s
most sustainable


good times inside

line up of cocktails, cuban mojito, whiskey lemonade, perfect margarita, long island, vodka lemonade
in the Coachella Valley
and real fruit juice
packaging & processes
no preservatives

introducing the world’s most eco-friendly cocktail

Introducing the buzzbox carton – a BPA-free, aseptic carton that is lightweight and recyclable. A real win-win.

The packaging is made from paper that comes from sustainably managed forests and is recyclable, green, and energy efficient. Also, the buzzbox carton is primarily plant-based with at least 70% of the carton made from paperboard and features a plant-based cap made of sugarcane. This makes recycling a breeze. Simply screw the cap back on your empty buzzbox carton and toss the entire carton in the recycling bin.

As an added bonus, these lightweight buzzbox cartons result in a more efficient shipping process using less energy to transport resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.


is there an alternative to cans?

Did you know, more than 100 billion aluminum cans are sold in the United States each year, but less than 50% are recycled. Ouch. Plus, you can see the same shocking statistics in other countries, where aluminum cans are incinerated or sent to landfills.

That lack of recycling results in 1.5 million tons of wasted aluminum cans worldwide each year. The solution is cartons. According to the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, cartons are the most environmentally friendly form of packaging, cutting carbon dioxide emissions and fossil fuels consumption by up to 60% compared to other forms of packaging.

line up of cocktails, cuban mojito, whiskey lemonade,

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cooler filled with buzzbox cocktails, long island, perfect margarita, classic greyhound, and cuban mojito

the freshest, safest packaging

We won’t get in the weeds with the science of aseptic packaging, but what we will say is… it rocks. 

Aseptic packaging is a process of commercially sterilizing containers so the end-consumer, YOU, is the first and only person to expose your buzzbox cocktail to oxygen and the outside world when you unscrew the cap. That’s right, our cocktails stay 100% sterile and untouched through their entire journey from blending to packaging, to sitting pretty inside your cooler. Pretty cool, huh?

outside sign of buzzbox headquarters building in indio california

built with sustainability in mind

Having one of the most eco-friendly carton-based packaging requires a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With sustainability in mind, the buzzbox team did just that with their 65,000 square foot headquarters in Indio, CA.

Featuring a zero-waste production system, buzzbox’s facility has saved hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, made significant energy savings with their LED lights, and has lowered their emissions by 80%.

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