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the perfect margarita

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Is National Margarita Day one of those made up holidays? Maybe.

Will you find us celebrating it? Definitely.

Your hands are busy building tacos and reaching for the queso – let buzzbox take the bartending off your hands. Simply chill, shake, and sip your way to Jalisco, Mexico with our ready-to-drink Perfect Margarita.

The premium tequila in our Perfect Margarita comes from Jalisco, Mexico and is created by professionals who mean business. Our own hand-crafted triple sec comes next, followed by all-natural lime and citrus. It’s distinguished by a splash of orange. Plus, with a 12% ABV, our Perfect Margarita doesn’t mess around. Put this cocktail next to any mixologist creation and we’ll give them a run for their money.

So, grab those flip-flops and apply sunscreen. We are taking a trip to Jalisco, Mexico without the stress of airport security.

Cheers, buzztenders.

“Margaritas are always my favorite, I would put this one up against anything you would get at a bar, and probably better. – Lindy K.

the perfect margarita

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