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Classic Cosmo

Some of your favorite friends are walking contradictions. Shouldn’t your Cosmo be, too? This daring cocktail is both dry and tart. The natural citrus blend both teases and pleases. The ultra-premium vodka is prevalent, making this Cosmo an elegant choice, and rivals anything your most admired mixologist can do.

4 pack
200 ml one serving per box
12% ABV
never any
pairs best with Elegant evenings
chill. shake. sip. or…get fancy

Serve chilled and delicately pour into an equally chilled martini glass. Go bold and garnish with a little lime peel slightly twisted like a corkscrew. Being slightly twisted yourself? Optional.

glass optional, no bar cart required

We meticulously blend top-shelf, premium spirits with the freshest ingredients to produce the best tasting, freshest cocktails that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere... so sip, don’t slam. Discover something refreshingly unexpected—an exceptional cocktail in an eco-friendly, boozy box.

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