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bar quality cocktails
anytime, anywhere

Get ready to kick back and cut loose because this is what cocktails should taste like. From light and breezy to bold and balanced, simply chill, shake, and enjoy. buzzbox cocktails are ready when you are.

in the Coachella Valley
and real fruit juice
packaging & processes
no preservatives

big flavor, small footprint

buzzbox keeps big flavors in a small CO2 footprint – good for the planet, and good for you. Our revolutionary packaging preserves the hand-crafted freshness so it’s always ready for your pleasure.


it’s not a novelty, it’s a necessity

Sure, our cocktails are portable and compact, but that’s not all. Our revolutionary packaging is vacuum sealed to lock in the all-natural premium ingredients into a boozy little box. Lightweight and eco-friendly, buzzbox premium cocktails are mini and mighty.


chill. shake. enjoy. repeat.

After standing in a long, slow-moving line at an otherwise memorable festival, future buzzbox Founder and CEO Rod Vandenbos paid too much for a forgettable margarita. And so with the single, noble goal of revolutionizing the way people drink cocktails, he put a team together and created buzzbox. The result? Premium single-serve, ready-to-rock, natural-ingredient-fused cocktails in eco-friendly packaging for concerts, parties in the park, front-porch-me-time, and infinity and beyond.


inspiration meets innovation

We set out to revolutionize your ability to enjoy a premium portable libation anytime, anywhere. The desire to create the best possible handcrafted cocktail in an eco-friendly container required both inspiration and perspiration, and resulted in award-winning cocktails that are ready to use when you are.

a precise process

Our recipe creation is inspired by a memorable cocktail–and then we set out to recreate it. We begin with the a generous pour of a top-shelf spirit, add a measure of fresh fruit juice, an infusion of all-natural ingredients–all exquisitely refined. No compromises are tolerated resulting in the truest expression of each buzzbox premium cocktail.

a gigantic leap for cocktail creation

Our moon-shot required engineering a cutting-edge 65,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, there's nothing like it on the planet. It is comprised of the world's most advanced technology for ready-to-drink cocktails, innovation reaps rewards for discriminating drinkers.

we make it easy being green

Being innovators in the ready-to-drink cocktail category has garnered us many awards. But we did it all with sustainability in mind, and our eco-friendly package and small carbon footprint creation is equally rewarding.

line up of cocktails, cuban mojito, whiskey lemonade,

when have you ever gotten
$10 just by showing up?

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