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What’s the Buzzbox: Quality Single Serve Eco-Friendly Cocktails

Buzzbox, the innovative Indio-based, single-serve portable cocktail is having a moment. Launched in 2016, in the heady pre-pandemic outdoor event days, buzzbox is a brilliant idea well executed. Started by Rod Vendenbos, a La Quinta resident and seasoned entertainment executive, buzzbox was his answer to how to make a better cocktail with a stable shelf life. Inspired by an explosion of kids’ drinks with little straws, buzzbox,“the juice box for grownups,” is not just a gimmick; it’s really yummy. Attending numerous high profile events, Rod kept asking himself how he could make a better drink for concerts, arenas and events, thinking, “people don’t want to stand in line for a mediocre cocktail,”  and from there, buzzbox was born.

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