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The Perfect Margarita

Is National Margarita Day one of those made up holidays? Maybe

Will you find us celebrating it? Definitely

Your hands are busy building tacos and reaching for the queso – let buzzbox take the bartending off your hands. Simply chill, shake, and sip your way to Jalisco, Mexico with our ready-to-drink Perfect Margarita.

The premium tequila in our Perfect Margarita comes from Jalisco, Mexico and is created by professionals who mean business. Our own hand-crafted triple sec comes next, followed by all-natural lime and citrus. It’s distinguished by a splash of orange. Plus, with a 12% ABV, our Perfect Margarita doesn’t mess around. Put this cocktail next to any mixologist creation and we’ll give them a run for their money.

So, grab those flip-flops and apply sunscreen. We are taking a trip to Jalisco, Mexico without the stress of airport security.

Cheers, buzztenders.


“Margaritas are always my favorite, I would put this one up against anything you would get at a bar, and probably better. – Lindy K.

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