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When we started buzzbox, we did so with the single, noble goal of revolutionizing the way people drink cocktails! Too long had we watched beachgoers, tailgators, sports fans, festival lovers, impromptu happy hour gatherers and life enthusiasts, miss out on pairing their favorite cocktails with their latest adventures. Combining top-quality spirits, real fruit juices and all-natural ingredients, we created portable versions of classic cocktails so everyone can enjoy a premium drink anytime, anywhere!

Best cocktails ever!
"Thank you for supplying buzzbox to our location. We do have a great amount of customers who are buying the Margarita, Greyhound and of course Mojito, but now we all your cocktails to offer. My favorite is the Long Island. It is absolutely perfect! These cocktails are exactly proportioned and taste like the best bartender at your favorite club has made them. Well done!"
- Bonnie
Favorite Friday Quarantine Routine
"My favorite Friday quarantine routine is having a girls night while drinking BuzzBox. Personally speaking, as someone who's into fitness, I do not like drinking beer. Beer makes me feel bloated and then I have to carry all the water weigh. I love BuzzBox because with one or two, it gets the job done. My favorite is the Margarita!"
- Karla R.
"You have the best out there!"
- mlradams
Premium alcohol and all natural ingredients.
"If you want a true ready to pour or drink fine quality cocktail, with premium alcohol and all natural ingredients (line is LIME, not "lime FALVORING") NOTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET LIKE BUZZBOX! I have tasted all nine flavors and they are all spectacular, as if they were freshly mixed by a fine bartender. I have my favorites but they are all wonderful!"
- Laura R.
Whiskey Lemonade
"Not only do I like it, I drink it. We had whiskey lemonade on our road trip and it was great!"
- Lori G.
"My Favorite "
- wokeuplikedez
Internal Cleansing
"Last night I had your Whiskey Lemonade for my "internal cleansing" for Covid-19."
- mlradams
"I love the hurricane flavor"
- ovejaloba

when we say premium, we mean it

Whether you’re kicking back, heading out, or off on an adventure, you deserve to bring your favorite cocktail with you. But don’t take our word for it, give buzzbox a try and see what you think. Chill, Shake, and of course, Cheers!

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