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Perfect Margarita

We wanted to take you to Jalisco, Mexico, but since that wasn’t practical, we brought it to you in a box. The premium tequila comes from Jalisco and is created by professionals who mean business. Our own hand-crafted triple sec comes next, followed by all-natural lime and citrus. It’s distinguished by a splash of orange.

4 pack
200 ml one serving per box
12% ABV
never any
pairs best with Flip-flops and tan lines
chill. shake. sip. or…get fancy

You got this: Margarita glass, fresh lime swiped around the rim, salt to taste, lime slice. Mariachi band if you got one.

glass optional, no bar cart required

We meticulously blend top-shelf, premium spirits with the freshest ingredients to produce the best tasting, freshest cocktails that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere... so sip, don’t slam. Discover something refreshingly unexpected—an exceptional cocktail in an eco-friendly, boozy box.

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