Hurricane – buzzbox
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A force of nature that embraces the party. Light and dark rum are vigilantly mixed with actual pineapple and passionfruit juices. The punch comes from our original pomegranate syrup which you’ll find impeccably tart. It is the green, gold, and purple of perfection.

4 pack
200 ml one serving per box
14% ABV
never any
pairs best with Fat Tuesdays (or any day that ends in “y”)
chill. shake. sip. or…get fancy

Pour over ice in your fanciest, tallest glass (is that plastic? Even better). Garnish with a fresh orange slice and maraschino cherry. Beads optional.

glass optional, no bar cart required

We meticulously blend top-shelf, premium spirits with the freshest ingredients to produce the best tasting, freshest cocktails that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere... so sip, don’t slam. Discover something refreshingly unexpected—an exceptional cocktail in an eco-friendly, boozy box.

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