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8 pack
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Bloody Mary

made with Pepper Infused Vodka

Our Bloody Mary starts with our premium vodka infused with locally sourced sweet & spicy peppers. Next, we blend fresh veggies, spices and flecks of natural peppercorn with our pepper infused vodka. Handcrafted and robustly balanced, brunch is served.

8 cocktails - $25.99
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250 ml one serving per box
12% ABV
never any
pairs best with Boozy brunches
chill. shake. sip. or…get fancy

Serve over ice. Go with a dill pickle spear rather than celery for that extra punch. Then add an intriguing smile while serving.

glass optional, no bar cart required

We meticulously blend top-shelf, premium spirits with the freshest ingredients to produce the best tasting, freshest cocktails that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere... so sip, don’t slam. Discover something refreshingly unexpected—an exceptional cocktail in an eco-friendly, boozy box.

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