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America’s First Premium Cocktails Served in Cartons

Together, American beverage brand buzzbox™ and Tetra Pak venture into a new product category, filling cocktails into recyclable aseptic carton packages.

Dreaming of a classic Cosmopolitan, a Mojito or a Bloody Mary to bring wherever you go? Then premium cocktail brand buzzbox™ is your answer. The American company, named after the landmark Aston Martin car from 1925, manufactures ready-to-drink premium cocktails with top-quality spirits, juice and all-natural flavors. The cocktails come in 200 ml recyclable Tetra Pak® aseptic carton packages, which allow the drinks to stay safe and taste fresh without the need for preservatives.

“The quality of the package’s aseptic technology makes our product possible,” says Rod Vandenbos, CEO and founder of buzzbox™. “Without it, we could not focus on using fresh ingredients or offer a long shelf life (up to 18 months unrefrigerated). The carton package is also very durable, making shipping and transport more economical and sustainable.”

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